Week 38 – Back to my Fav film … Ilford HP5+

week-38-3I have a little backlog of film stuff to post what with the 52 Rolls project, the #FP4Party and both of my other blogs.

I have processed quite a few rolls in the last 3 weeks both colour & B&W and managed to edit a few and post individual images but this is the 1st complete edit so its up 1st.


I must admit that since joining the #FP4Party crowd that FP4 is really growing on me, I have not shot a lot of it before thinking that the 125 iso was not as versatile as my lovely HP5 but the images that I have managed to get after shooting the last 4 rolls have turned my head a little.

The look of FP4 is pretty nice and very easy to print in the darkroom.

I made a few test prints from the last roll and they came out great and even managed to get on the shortlist for this months contest up against some other excellent images.week-38-7 week-38-6

So it was nice to load up the Mamiya C330 with some HP5 and see what I have been missing.

I shot this roll at box speed for a change as the light was pretty good and still got some lovely contrast in the images even shooting at quite wide apertures.week-38 week-38-10 week-38-9 week-38-5 week-38-2Even after my recent affair with FP4 I still love HP5 it is such a versatile film and unless ilford decide to knock it on the head like some of the other so called film producers I will be shooting this for as long as I can hold a camera.

Thank you @ilfordphoto for providing me with this great film


Thanks for looking…..

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5 thoughts on “Week 38 – Back to my Fav film … Ilford HP5+

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  2. Really nice range of images and conditions! After trying a roll in one of my recent posts I am also getting more fond of this film. It’is very flexible for a black and white film. Nice work!

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  3. I’ve been shooting Ilford Delta 100 and Tmax 100 for awhile but recently switched to HP5+ with PMK Pyro developing and absolutely love the combination. Haven’t tried any HP4 yet.


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