Week 38 #DTLA

I’ve now reached a point where rolls and weeks roughly coincide again. This week’s roll was Agfa APX 100, a film I’ve shot a few times before. I really like it for its fine grain and nice range of values. I have to say I’m impressed at how it performed in the large variety of lighting conditions I encountered on this visit. Despite my vow to use more cameras this year I still most often reach for the Nikon FE.

I shot this roll on a day trip to Los Angeles with my son. He was preparing for his move to Japan and needed to go to the Japanese consulate to get his work visa. I always love an excuse to go to LA because there’s never a lack of interesting stuff to shoot. Submitting the paperwork went smoothly and we were told to return at 3 PM to pick up the visa. This gave us time to pick up lunch and take a quick tour of nearby sights. The consulate is located at the top of the area known as Bunker Hill, now the home of MOCA, The Broad, Disney Concert Hall, Ahmanson Theater and a lot more. A quick couple of blocks downhill brings you to the historic site of the Angels Flight funicular.

At one time this was the main way to get up the hill. It was closed down in 1969 to make way for redevelopment, then reopened in the mid 90s as a tourist attraction. After a checkered history of opening, closing, safety violations and a fatality, it is currently not operating.

Directly across the street is Grand Central Market,  a bustling indoor/outdoor market filled with fresh fish, spice and vegetable vendors along with every conceivable kind of prepared food (although Mexican of any style is always your best bet here).

After lunch we took a walk to nearby Little Tokyo. I have to say I was disappointed. The area was run down and the central market/mall was mainly a bunch of touristy junk stores.

This was a pretty awesome find 😜


This shop window inside the mall had one of the most epically diverse collections of kitsch I’ve ever seen.


There were several shops catering to collectors of anime and related paraphernalia, where I was totally out of my element. The only thing I recognized were these Sailor Moon figures.


On the way back to the consulate we walked down “wholesale alley” which is filled with small, narrow shops – like a tienda, but selling only one category of thing, for supposedly wholesale prices.

There were a couple for hats. Fedora, anyone?


The vast majority of the shops, however, seemed to be selling smoke shop paraphernalia. This last is one of my favorites from the roll.


3 thoughts on “Week 38 #DTLA

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! Your photos are great and I really liked the details 🙂
    I’m thinking about trying to shoot with black and white rolls. Which one do you suggest to start with (considering its quality-price)?


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