52 Rolls Week 42:52


For this week a trip to Mesa Verde National Park, and a tour of the Long House:


Below, evidence that you can take a tour with 30 or so of your ‘closest’ friends and still make a photograph with no people in it if you try really hard……Mesa Verde was a Zoo. Over run, under funded and loved to death as many of our National Parks are……


It made me appreciate our time at Ute Mountain Tribal Park even more, and fueled our desire to return there.





Tech Info: Mamyia 7 with 43 mm lens, Ilford Delta 400 film with orange filter; developed and scanned by Old School Photo Lab.


3 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 42:52

  1. What you say about national parks is so true. Underfunded and overrun with people. They are of course MEANT to be for the people but no way Teddy could have foreseen how many people that would be 100 years later. These photos are great – I have lots of memories of going here as a child, last trip there was about 12 years ago Honestly I can’t believe they are still letting people climb around in there.

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  2. If you plan to be in the area again and want some peace and a cultural experience, Contact the Ute Mountain Tribal Park and arrange for a private tour on their land.


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