Week 39 … Sunny November so break out some Ektar …

week-39-7We have had a couple of nice days weather wise here in Wales which is unusual this time of year so after my experimentation with cross processing out of my system for a while I thought I would use some Kodak Ektar for a change and make the most of the nice sunny (but cold) weather.week-39-12The immediate thing that jumps out when I shoot a quality film like Ektar especially in the Mamiya C330 is how God Damn sharp it is …. I mean really sharp if you nail the focus.

Yes the colours are great but its the sharpness that I love about this film.week-39 week-39-3Even when shooting wide open with either the 65mm f3.5 or the 80mm f2.8 the in focus elements jump out of the frame and if you shoot it at f8 and above then the detail is excellent.week-39-002 week-39-5I have shot a few rolls of Ektar before but mainly in 35mm which is also pretty sharp but in 120 format its so good.

Well after this roll I bought myself 20 more rolls and will be shooting it much more regularly  in the future.week-39-11 week-39-10 week-39-9 week-39-8 week-39-6

week-39-2Thanks for looking…..

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