Week 40 : Really? Week 40 already?

Seriously, people. I can’t believe I’m posting week 40 (and I’m about 4 weeks behind). What happened to the year? While I haven’t stuck to all my goals for the year, I have learned to use and love a few new cameras, and managed to shoot more film than I might otherwise have done, given the pressing issues of daily life. This week I’m actually sharing two rolls. One is a roll I started in the Pentax 67 back in March and left with two shots on it until the week I went to the cemetery in LA. I really do need to use that camera more. Although it’s a beast it’s a loveable one and I really like the 67 format. Not quite a square but not really like any other aspect ratio either. Most of the photos were taken on my jaunt out to the desert – specifically at Salvation Mountain and East Jesus. Please excuse my not very accurate framing on the scans. penatx-67004


These are also Velvia 100 as you might have surmised by the astonishing skies. Although skies in the desert in spring are a blue that even this film cannot do justice to. This “selfie” is one of my favorites from that trip.


And finally, there’s my favorite not very angelic angel


The second roll is Rollei Crossbird ISO 200 shot on a Rollei 35s. I bought this little gem months ago but only recently decided to give it a chance to prove itself. In retrospect this was not the best film to choose for a first test roll since I had no idea how it would perform.

Here are a few shots taken in my daughter’s back yard. We set out to go to the beach with the kids but even though we got there early there were zero parking spaces. Turns out there was some big deal surfing contest we didn’t know about. So we went home and made a beach in the back yard.

Most of the rest of the roll was finished up during the cemetery visit. Lots of sad ladies in this cemetery. Some of these came out pretty well. I can’t judge the color since this film is apparently meant to give a “cross processed” look, but they seem less grainy.

I was very disappointed overall in how the shots turned out but it’s not clear whether it was due to the film (the first group of shots especially are really grainy), the fact it may have sat in a hot car a few times, or possibly an issue with the camera (I sure hope not). I am currently running a roll of black and white through to provide a somewhat more objective test. I like that the camera is so small but it turns out to be a pain in the rear to use since (a) the meter is really annoying and it’s easier to hand meter, (b) the lens has to be opened and locked each time before you shoot, (c) it uses zone focusing. It’s a sad fact that I let its cuteness turn my head before I thought about what a long term relationship might look like. We’ll have to see how this one works out. The Pentax, on the other hand, is on my “regular dates” list now.



3 thoughts on “Week 40 : Really? Week 40 already?

  1. Love the desert shots, brings back memories of California. I used to only shoot slide film but sadly my 2 favourite films are no longer made, Kodachrome 64 and Elite Chrome 200, and there aren’t many labs processing E6 in the UK now. Looking forward to seeing the B&W shots from the Rollei. :>)


  2. Thanks! Luckily there are two labs very near me that process just about anything, including 110, 126, and other weird sizes as well as all types of film. I do hope the next roll on the Rollei turns out, although I’m not sure if that will be enough to make me love it 🙂


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