8/52 Fuji Pro 160C

I love the rendering from this film.  I shot it at 125 with my beloved Hasselblad.   These were shot in my favorite place to photograph, Little Compton, Rhode Island.  They were shot during Halloween week and depict the ultimate horror show, the Trump campaign.   The viewfinder in my Hasselblad blows me away every time I open the camera’s top.  It is clear and crisp.  I installed an acute matte screen and it is world’s better than the original that came with my camera.  I have a 503CX and several different lenses but the 80mm F 2.8 feels so right and is on the camera 90% of the time.  It balances well and the field of view is perfect.   I sent the camera for a CLA to David Odess in Randolph Massachusetts.  Several of my film backs were skipping and he repaired them for me.  Now they work perfectly.  While I was at it it made sense to have him tune the camera.  It was an expensive proposition but worth every penny.  I just love this camera.  I used an ND filter on most of the shots to moderate the shutter speed.  It was a very bright day.

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