Week 36: Snowy Range WY

I’m very behind. I’ve been shooting, but I haven’t kept up with developing and I’m even further behind with scanning.

Here are two shots taken back in August of this year of Lake Marie in the Snowy Range of WY. We’ve never been up here before, but where inspired by a spring time image of the local where everything was covered in snow.


I completely missed the people in at the edge of the lake in the first image. The second is a slightly different angle and crop.

Shot with my B&J 4×5 press camera, 150 mm normal lens. Ilford Delta 100 4×5 film, developed in Photographers formulary FA 1027 developer. Scanned on an Epson flat bed scanner.

2 thoughts on “Week 36: Snowy Range WY

  1. That first one…looks like something that Ansel Adams would photograph! Although I would personally throw an Orange filter onto the front to help bring the sky back.


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