More Week 41 – The Holkham Holga

Last month, I spent a day on Holkham Beach and took a stroll to Wells-Next-The-Sea. I burnt through a few rolls of film and posted the FP4+ results and the various colour shots in previous blog posts.

The last film from that day had a couple of frames to finish and so catches up now. It was shot through a Holga 120CFN and the intention was to record the changing light through the day, using a standard composition, with the horizon splitting the frame in half. I had a grand idea that the results would look good in a grid, or side by side along a wall. As it turns out, leaks and some dodgy winding seems to have lessened the effect, but you get the idea…

(Best viewed in the ‘media file’ view I reckon)


Holga 120CFN, Kodak Portra 400, processed and scanned by FilmDev in their usual, incredibly quick fashion.

My previous posts on the 52Rolls Project blog are here.

3 thoughts on “More Week 41 – The Holkham Holga

  1. Barnaby, I am really enjoying looking through your work on this 52rolls project. These images from Wells really appeal especially using the Holga. We spend 2 holidays a year down in Wells, all the coast is really fascinating. Some shots of mine from north Norfolk taken on the Holga.


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