Minolta fisheye

A friend of mine found this Minolta XG1 in a cardboard box with some lenses on the sidewalk.   She said it looked abandoned and free.   She gave me the box.   I think there was a 50mm and a zoom.
The other night I went to a backyard party and was shooting with a fisheye and a flash.  I think i was shooting ISO 400 at 200.    Using a cheap Vivitar 285HV flash.


The fisheye lens is interesting because if you push in a little silver button and rotate it, the front comes off, revealing a small UV filter.


I was metering off the little calculator on the flash, and was shooting at 1/60th of a second, f/16 with the flash at 1/2 power.    I don’t know flash photography very well at all.   Near stuff was a bit bright, and the background was too dark.   I just had the flash in the shoe with a diffuser on it.






Not terrible for a first try.    Though I’d like to try shooting this lens in full sunlight sometime.
The Minolta XG1 is easy to use, and I’m sure its dead cheap on the used market.    There are so many perfectly great cameras out there, and the bottom has fallen out of the used SLR market for so many models.
The best thing to do with them, if you’re not using them, is to donate them to a good cause.    There’s a great program in Seattle called Youth In Focus that teaches photography to at-risk kids.  Whatever cameras they don’t use, they sell on eBay.    This XG1 may end up with them, because I have a few other Minolta SLR bodies.

One thought on “Minolta fisheye

  1. Great find…….I agree, keep the fisheye lens, but the XG1 is a so-so camera. If you have better bodies, donate it. I have an XG1 also. And I have a friend that works with at risk youth thru photography. This reminds me that I should give it to him + a normal lens which I have plenty of.

    For the best Fisheye effects you want to be further away from your subject. And try larger subjects like Cityscapes/landscapes.


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