Week 38: The Beach

I have been a bit busy lately so have lost a bit of traction with this blog post.  So time to get back on track.  One of the reasons I am behind is I was lucky enough to have a trip to Florida.

It was for an event but I took my camera with me and managed to grab a morning on the beach to take some shots.  So please enjoy

camera:Olympus OM1.

Film : Kodak E100 GX

also note this film went through two airport X-ray machines unexposed and one on the way back exposed.



10 thoughts on “Week 38: The Beach

  1. Very Nice! Two of my favorite combinations, an OM1 and Florida! That is exactly how I like my beach to look, vacant with the exception of me. What part of Florida did you visit? We love to visit the Pensacola area. My wife used to live there before we met. The last time we were there, I only had some Ilford Delta loaded in my OM1, so I did not get any color shots on film. I hope to spend some time down there in 2017. I will be ready this time with some Ektar!

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    • This was just outside of Naples near Estero. The beach was on Hickory Island. I purposely took slide film with me in anticipation. Totally agree with you, loved the emptiness of the beach


  2. E100-GX! Where did you find some? An Old stash I bet…….That was my favorite color film and then it went away. That’s why I mostly shoot B&W now.

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    • Yes an old stash, got hold of 5 rolls, one left. Also have some E100 VS in 120 which I haven’t tried yet. Kodak slide really was very good, this was my first time shooting it. I’ll be happy to send you the roll of GX (35mm) if you want to shoot one more roll?


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