Week 43.2 Deauville-Trouville

I thought I would share a few photographs I shot during a Sunday drive to Deauville-Trouville. As you may know, these two towns in Normandy are the closest beaches to Paris and so of course on the weekend they are invaded by vast crowds of Parisians. The Sunday we were there the weather was wonderful and the boardwalks were jammed:


On the boardwalk

And this is the sea. OK, everyone is wrapped up warm:


On the beach

And the sun was pretty low on the horizon:


Long shadows

And this is what the buildings on the seafront look like:


The beachfront

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And…Here is my new website.

Technical notes. Camera: A Leica M6 with a Summicron-M f2.0/50mm and Voigtlander f2.5/35mm. Film: JCH Street pan 400 in HC110 B at 5mins. Now working through the brick of street pan…

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