Week 41 Double exposure. Double exposure.

Inspired by the work of several photographer I follow on Instagram and/or are associated with on other social media sites, I decided to try my hand at a whole roll of double exposures in color. I decided to use another precious roll of Fuji Velvia because the colors are so saturated, I thought it would work well for this. My idea was to shoot the first set of exposures at the cemetery and then the second set somewhere with pretty vegetation. For the most part I stuck to the plan although I didn’t finish the full roll at the cemetery. I rewound and reset anyway and when I got to the last few shots on round two, which were not previously exposed, I tried some multi exposures.

I thought I had worked out a pretty foolproof method for matching up the frames. Since the Nikon FE is all manual, I marked a spot on the film to line up with a specific spot inside the camera. On round two I lined it up exactly and then closed the back and  advanced the film. Unfortunately the method didn’t work very well and the frames were all off by 1/2 frame. Some still turned out very pretty but I was disappointed overall. I haven’t tried this type of double exposure before (usually I do one directly after the other) but I’d like to try again. If anyone has tips on how to line the film up better I’d love to hear them.

So here are a few of the shots I liked




And here are a few that missed spectacularly


The final shots where I made multiple exposures of the same image produced a few nice ones with very saturated color. I was hoping the movement of the koi would be more apparent in the multiple exposure.


I have another roll loaded in my Nikon N65 which is digital winding. I’m hoping if I place the leader at the exact same spot on round 2 I will get a more accurate match. We shall see…..


5 thoughts on “Week 41 Double exposure. Double exposure.

  1. I like the first image a lot. I use a mamiya c220 and it has a switch to enable multi exposure.(disable the winding mechanism) I’ve not heard of the method you have tried. Sounds hard….


    • Thanks. The Nikon also has a button that does that, which is what is usually use. But this time I wanted to superimpose two completely different things.


  2. Thanks everyone. I do love a challenge and there are some beautiful things that come from double and multi exposure, so I’ll keep trying!


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