10/52 Kodak 800 Max Expired

Feeling tired and uninspired lately, so I went expired.  I picked up my nephew Ted on the way to our fun shoot of Frankie Ranks and the Freeloaders.  We had a great time.  While at his house cleaning my lenses his mom arrived and brought out her beautiful but neglected Nikon F2.  Being an old camera lover it broke my heart.  The shutter is badly frozen and the lens has lots of fungus and a bent filter ring.  I am on a mission to save that camera.  But I digress. Laura gave me a big bag of long expired film.  It was stored either in her barn or somewhere in here home.  Shooting expired film is always a crapshoot.  I over-exposed by one stop figuring if that was not enough I’d go another stop on the next roll.  I did a bit of reading and decided to process the film for an extra 30 seconds.  I read different blog posts for suggestions on using this expired film and it was largely ravaged as being made for single use cameras and humble point and shoots.  I was pleasantly suprised and another roll is in the bank.  The subjects are not all that exciting, just what caught my eye on a short walk to the coffee shop near my home.  I’ll venture out tomorrow into Little Compton with my beloved Hasselblad for a good day towards next week’s post.  My world is sort of limited lately, centering within a few blocks of my home or my office.  This time of year is always the busiest for me.  My cameras provide a welcome respite from the pressure.

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