52 Rolls Week 44:52

Now for something that didn’t quite work.  I tried working in a modern church setting with my Personal Vision Theme.  But The Church was not as I had remembered and the stone work didn’t fit.  But I did get some interesting shots.  A very difficult space to photograph.  I hadn’t realized that there were really no windows, except the skylight.

I had always been fascinated by two unique features….first the 3-Dimensional Cross, which proved quite difficult to capture:


And a “hidden door” used for more intimate services that don’t have a procession.  But I need to try a different angle next time.  I think you can see what I mean:

Finally an interesting ‘back door’.


Next time I will use the Mamiya 645 as I think it will be better suited to architectural interiors.

Tech Info: Mamiya 7 with 43mm lens, Ilford Delta 400, developed and scanned by Old School Photo Labs.



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