Week 40/41 Mesa Verde Long House

Back in the first week of October we took a trip to the Four Corners area of the south west. For those outside of the states that is the area where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah meet.

These first set of shots were made at the Long House cliff dwelling, Mesa Verde National Park, located in the south west corner of Colorado. I made a combination of digital and film images. These are the two rolls of the film images made.

Shot with my Mamiya 6, 50 mm wide angle lens, HP5+ developed in PMK Pyro developer, and scanning with an Epson V700 flat bed scanner.

Next post will focus on a different aspect of the Mesa.

7 thoughts on “Week 40/41 Mesa Verde Long House

  1. excellent! I have been there once for 2 days in the off season. How did you manage to avoid tourists in your images?


    • We’d expected the crowds to be reasonable that time of year, but they were at the level I’d experienced during peak summer in the 90’s. Long house is now by guided tour only. I waited for everyone to go up the ladders into the darkness from over hang. Gave me about 15 minutes of peace.


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