[Eben] Rolls 24-26: Three Rolls in DC

I have been shooting a lot more than posting in this project (although I am definately behind on the one roll a week goal). Here are three rolls I took this summer while working in Washington D.C.

Roll 24: Kodak TMAX 400, pushed to 1600

This is one of my last rolls of a big TMAX purchase at the beginning of the year. I don’t think I will be going back to it anytime soon, mostly because I don’ t like how it pushes. That said, I decided to lean into the grain with this roll, pushing it to 1600 and stand developing it in Rodinal. There are some pleasing shots here.


Roll 25: Kodak Ektar 100 (120 Format) in the Ondu 6×12 Multi-format Pinhole Camera

This roll was taken on my pinhole camera in the panoramic configuration. Very long exposures, but I really like the results. I think Ektar is the definitely the color film for this camera.


Roll 26: Portra 400 (Half in DC / Half at Home)

Portra is my go-to, and I think it really captures my aesthetic the best. This roll was partly taken in D.C., but I finished it off at a my son’s birthday party in Santa Cruz. A nice sum-up of my summer.

Expect a lot of posts as I catch-up.

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