Hello! Weeks 1,2,3

I guess if I post this first entry, there’s no turning back! I really have no idea how to group my weeks and images, so I am going to try to post three weeks at a time.

I do know for sure I need to take a lot of notes, (which I will try to post here as well), in order to keep everything organized and myself accountable. That would also be a first since I am normally a little disorganized with my photos and files.

So here goes!

Week 1 (10/23-10/30) – Approaching Halloween – Pentax 67ii and Portra 40020161120-7745000120161120-7745000220161120-7745000320161120-7745000420161120-7745000620161120-7745000720161120-7745000820161120-7745000920161120-77450010


Week 2 (10/30-11/6) – Halloween Fun! Pentax 67ii and Portra 400




Week 3 (11/6-11/13) – New York City – Pentax 67ii and FP4



23 thoughts on “Hello! Weeks 1,2,3

  1. Welcome to the project! I love the shots of the lights. Also the perspectives in the NY shots are stunning. The Pentax 67 is such a beast but takes such wonderful images. You’ve inspired me to once again try to use mine more.

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  2. Great start Maite, looks as if we are in for a real treat in the coming months.

    Hint: if you choose a featured image when in edit mode, there is a link on the right side, it will allow one of your images to show up on the home page, and also on the twitter and other distributions that accompany publication here.

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  3. Great work. Love the take off on Magritte with the child and the leaf. Great diamond frame, and nice geometric perspective on the architecture shots. Welcome to 2017.

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