Gwaii Haanas North




My summer Haida Gwaii trip aboard the Passing Cloud continues with images from the northern end of Gwaii Haanas.

Others in this series on 52Rolls can be seen with this link.

You can also find many more images from this trip shot with digital cameras on my blog (here). None of the digital ones have such a nice feel as these though.

One very cool thing that recently came on-line is a “street view” of this area in Google Maps.

The map below is of Hot Spring Island – you can navigate around the trails by clicking on the arrows though it works better if you choose to “View on Google Maps”.



Hot Spring Island

Hot Spring Island






To see an enlarged version of any image in the gallery below, click on it and then navigate to others with the arrows or with swiping.

2016-32:Olympus mjuii, Agfa Vista 200, commercially processed and scanned.






3 thoughts on “Gwaii Haanas North

    • Thanks Alex, glad its finding a receptive audience because there are a few more rolls to go from this trip!

      Last year I posted a bunch from various parts of Haida Gwaii, and they can be found by clicking the tag that says, of all things, Haida Gwaii underneath the Like gravatars. I just updated the Haida Gwaii tags so all of them are correct.

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  1. Reblogged this on burnt embers and commented:

    This post at 52Rolls is my third roll from my summer trip to Haida Gwaii, concentrating on areas of the north and west parts of Juan Perez Sound. There are a lot of images in the post that have not yet made it onto my blog, so please click through to to see them.


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