Week 44: Montsouris and JCH Street Pan

Week 44 was a quiet week. There was still a few days’ of winter holidays, so I had a bit more time for photography, and I took a short walk down to Montsouris to shoot a few photographs. There was some nice winter light. As I mentioned in my last post, I am working through my brick of JCH street pan.

Now, I have already shared a lot of photographs from this park, but in JCH StreetPan, as you can see, the shades of grey of the trees and grass is… interesting. Maybe because it is meant for taking pictures in the streets :-). Reading the JCH page, Bellamy does say that there is extended IR sensitivity: I wonder if that is the explanation for the light tones I see here (note: I have since made some tests with a yellow filter, but have not yet scanned them).


All my ducks are lined up…


Portrait version


Obligatory dog photograph

This week, for a variety of reasons, I found myself going very early in the morning to the swimming pool (around 7AM). Of course it’s pitch dark, but people are already shopping. I decided to practice a bit zone-focussing the dark…


Shopping at night 

That’s it for this week. Next week: in the park again (but a different one)

Here are my previous posts on 52rolls.

And…Here is my new website.

Technical notes. Camera: A Leica M6 with a Summicron f2.0/50mm. Film: JCH Street Pan 400 developed in HC110 B at 5mins.

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