Week 41 – Expired Fuji Superia 100


I was attempting to write a list of all the various single rolls of expired film I have stored in my fridge last week and when all done I realised that I had 6 rolls of Superia 100.

I love shooting Superia 400 but I don’t remember shooting much 100 before so as it was a pretty nice day I loaded up my F100 equiped with the 50mm f1.4 and set out with the idea of shooting as much as I could close to wide open as the light/exposure would allow.

I rated the film at iso 50 and some of the backlit frames I increased the exposure by another stop too.week-41-5 week-41-7

The film didn’t disappoint the colours were really nice and the fine grain compared to 400 was also good especially in the out of focus areas.

I am not sure what it would have looked like if I had not pulled the film probably quite muddy in fact a few of the images that were taken in flat or shadowy light did look under exposed even when 1 stop over.

At least I know that when I shoot the rest of the rolls that it needs pulling by a minimum of 2 stops as the film took it well.

Thanks for looking…..

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