11/52 Ilford Pan F+ 50

I ventured to Sakonnet Fishing Village again.  It is good to go to a familiar place.  I have shot here dozens of times.  These images were shot with my Hasselblad 503cx and the lenses used were a 250mm for the seascapes and an 80mm for the doggie and the boat bow.  I used the 250 mm hoping to compress the lighthouse into the image but the lens does not have enough reach for that.  There is another spot on the east side of the point where I will be closer and will try it again tomorrow.  The wonderful dog is a treasure.  He just moved to this sunny spot after spending months wallowing in deep shadow.  He is happier in this spot, no doubt.  I have only used the 250mm lens one other time.  It is a substantial piece of glass and like all of the Hasselblad lenses it delivers.  It was a very brisk day with winds of at least 40 knots.  Later I went to the east side of the peninsula and the conditions were markedly different on the windward side.  Sea spray wreaked havoc on me and the camera and I got drenched and doused by the angry waves and coated with salt spray.  I dropped those color rolls off at the lab, too lazy to develop them myself.   Hopefully some of those shots turned out alright because the scenes were quite breathtaking.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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