Around Kunghit Island



Near the end of my time aboard the Passing Cloud we circumnavigated Kunghit Island (map link) which is a large island at the very south end of Gwaii Haanas. This roll of film includes shots from Heater Harbour on the north-east side (map link) views of Hecate Strait to the east of Kunghit Island and an excursion on the beaches in Woodruff Bay (map link), and then the Kerouard Islands (map link) beyond Cape St. James at the south end of Haida Gwaii, followed by views across the open Pacific Ocean as we passed up the west side of Kunghit.


I spent a week or so working in Heater Harbour a few years ago – it has an astonishing wealth of archaeological sites along its shores and up the creeks. There is a very productive intertidal zone, and more than one salmon run into the different creeks. Besides all that it is very beautiful. But, today’s shots are all from the anchorage in low light (with a bit of motion blurring) so you can’t really judge for yourself.


I am very drawn to the simple views across expanses of ocean, with limitless horizons and often amazing clouds. For some reason I like them better on film than digital, which is why you have been seeing so many from this trip, and on this roll.


Woodruff Bay is a very exposed sand beach with extensive sand dunes near the south end of Kunghit Island. I had not been able to land on previous trips past this beach due to surf conditions, but this trip we did get ashore and it was great to look around where the Haida village used to be and to do a bit of beach combing. There are few sandy beaches in southern Haida Gwaii, so it was a real treat to get onto this one.

Other analogue photos from this trip on 52Rolls can be seen with this link.

You can also find more digital Gwaii Haanas images from last summer on my blog (here).


To see an enlarged version of any image in the gallery below, click on it and then navigate to others with the arrows or with swiping.

2016-39: Olympus mjuii, Agfa Vista 200, commercially processed and scanned.






3 thoughts on “Around Kunghit Island

    • Thank you conspicari. That is one of my favourite shots too – I like it better on film than the digital shots I made of the same view as the film has more character. The Agfa works very well in this combination. I only have 3 rolls left from a brick my sister gave me last spring. I can’t get it here, so that will be it unless I can convince her to bring some more on next visit from the UK. 🙂

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