Week 42 – Sunny Autumn to Winter in 1 Week ….


week42-11I have been making the most of the lovely sunshine we have been having recently … the weather here in Wales has been a bit nuts, lovely sunshine one day, torrential rain the next and then last weekend we had the 1st smattering of Hail/Snow up on the mountains.

week42-6These two images were shot a few days apart and shows how Kodak Ektar really looks at its best in bright sunshine and not in gloomy conditions.

That said I do like how it rendered the landscape and does emphasise how damn cold it actually was.week42-10 week42-4I have got quite a bit of Ektar in the fridge so I am looking forward to more winter weather to experiment hopefully a few Snowy days with the sun shining 🙂

Thanks for looking…..

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6 thoughts on “Week 42 – Sunny Autumn to Winter in 1 Week ….

  1. I very much like this set of photos. It brings back all kinds of memories from brief visits to Wales a quarter century ago and especially of walking on the bracken covered slopes. The Ektar colours are very pleasing too, I have only shot a roll or two over the years, which means it is high time I shot another one!

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