12/52 Sakonnet Point

I struggled on this day to shoot well.  Here is used a Hasselblad 503cx using Fuji Pro400H and decided to try a few different lenses.  90% of my shots are taken with the 80mm lens and I seem to slot in with that lens.  I tried some shots with the 60mm lens and they were underexposed and out of focus.  The fairly successful shots were made with a 150mm lens.  Out of 4 rolls I loaded one backwards (duh), zero images.  Hard to put in the effort and lose the result from lack of attention.  But I learned.   The film tends to have a magenta cast, not sure if it is my manner of exposing it.  I did use a polarizing filter and perhaps that is a reason.  I’ll use the film without one next time.  I developed these shots with a new color chemical, Rollei Colorchem.  The kit allows processing at 77 degrees and has latitude of 2 or 3 degrees.  Much more forgiving than the Unicolor kit at constant 102 degrees.  I enjoyed shooting the young family and emailed the shots to Ben who thanked me.  I chalk this weekend up to a learning experience that will hopefully lead to better results in the future.

6 thoughts on “12/52 Sakonnet Point

  1. These are lovely – I very much like the colour, and especially the shot with the navigation light. Seascapes seem to work particularly well for this film, at least in my experience. I have noticed a magenta cast without a polarizing filter and with commercial processing, so I think the film may lean that way.

    I too have loaded a 120 film backwards (Mamiya M645), but only once so far. It focuses the attention while loading, that is for sure.


    • Thank you Alex. The light was absolutely perfect. Here that happens at around 3:30 in the afternoon now. I had a polarizer on the lens and wish I had not used it. It made the colors a bit extreme. I metered for the darks or grays. I will do better next time, it is all a learning process.


      • I haven’t done any processing for decades, and keep on saying I will start again soon. I have even got the tanks and trays and bottles and all that, but have not broken through the last barrier of chemicals and time.


  2. I initially thought that this was all shot on Ektar 100, but man the warm glow from the sun is very nicely replicated! Beautiful!


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