Week 42 : More from my favorite sort of place


In this week I took another outing with the local photo meetup people. While they’re all digital (at least that I’ve met so far) they are an extremely friendly bunch, and put together some very good opportunities for a wide variety of interests. This particular week there was a meeting at one of the few local cemeteries that’s worth visiting (from my perspective, as I like to photograph statuary).I took along my trusty Nikon FE loaded with Lomography 400 as I knew there’d be low light. I also took my Ondu pinhole, which you’ll see later.

We had a chance to go into several of the mausoleums (mausolea??), where I had never ventured. One of them is quite old and filled with lovely stained glass of the Tiffany style. These shots are of the entry to the newer building. I liked how the lights reflected down the hall. This building was built around an open central courtyard with a glass roof.

Next we went into the older mausoleum. It was filled with statuary and little niches at the end of which were lovely stained glass panels.


I don’t often photograph interiors so this was a challenge, but a fun one. Trying to capture the reflections and interesting light effects was fun. This film worked quite well for this at box speed. I used a tripod for a lot of the shots.

After touring the mausoleum we went into a small adjacent area with a pretty but run down courtyard and a little attached building called a columbarium. It was stuffed full of urns and memorials. Google tells me that a columbarium is only for cremains while a mausoleum can contain both those and bodies. Hmmm. Anyway this was kind of like the Berlin Wall of the cemetery. One side (the one we saw initially) is non denominational, then you pass through this little courtyard and through a gate into the Jewish cemetery that backs up on it.

I thought I took some pictures on the “other side” but I can’t find them. They were on some other camera I guess and will surface as a surprise later. Also in consulting my notes just now I find that I shot this roll with the camera set accidentally at +2 exposure. Guess that explains why the interior shots came out so well. This is why I really try hard to keep up my notes 😳

2 thoughts on “Week 42 : More from my favorite sort of place

  1. Cemeteries and such can be very interesting and full of history too! Lovely capture of the stain glass……it can be tricky if the sun is too bright.


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