Rollei Digibase CR 200 Pro and EOS3




These pictures are from late April, but I only got them scanned a few days ago – I had intended to do them myself earlier but ran out of time.

I have shot the Rollei CR 200 colour reversal film a couple of times this year. I find it grainy, but I quite like the grain. The colours are strange andsometimes there is a yellowish cast that is hard to deal with, but really requires being dealt with. I expect that some of this is related to exposure as the film seems very picky to get just right. I have taken some shots that I very much like (see this post) so I have gone back to it for another try or two. Now I hear rumours it will be discontinued which is a shame, not just because discontinuation of any film is a shame, but because this film has real character, and is cheaper than other slide film.

Cook Street Vilage

This roll was shot through the Canon EOS3 and metered at 160 as I thought it had come out a bit underexposed before. It certainly works at 160, but perhaps is a bit more grainy. You can judge for yourselves by comparing that last post with this one. For what ever it is worth in terms of comparison, the lens used is the same for both rolls of film, though the other body was a Canon Elan IIe.

Wild Rose

Son's birthday - why did I focus on cake?


Click on any image below to launch larger versions in the gallery view, navigate with the arrows once in the gallery.

2016-44: Canon EOS3, 50/1.4 lens, Rollei CR200, metered at ISO160, commercially developed, home scanned.



8 thoughts on “Rollei Digibase CR 200 Pro and EOS3

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    • Thanks J – it’s too bad the film is going out of production. I really like how the grain emphasizes the out of focus areas, somehow enhances that part of the photo.


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    Another of my posts from the 52Rolls project, roll 44 is most of a roll of colour slide film, including the images here on this blog that posted today and two days back. Lots of shots with glorious grain and some with lovely colours, so go check them out at 52 Rolls (this link


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