Week 44: Trying out Portra Color Negative Film

Decided to try a roll of 120 sized Kodak Portra 160 negative film while out in the Four corners. I’ve steered clear of color negative film up until now because my early experiences with it were extremely disappointing. So I’m very happy to be satisfied with the colors I got with this roll.


Shots made with Mamiya 6 and Kodak Portra color negative film. Processed and scanned by Old School Photo Labs in NH.

5 thoughts on “Week 44: Trying out Portra Color Negative Film

  1. If you think Portra 160 is great, you should try Portra 400, the range on that film is brilliant! I’ve shot on one roll exposures ranging from ASA-200 to ASA-1600 and then just processed the whole thing normally in a Unicolor C-41 kit with excellent results! Another C-41 film you should try is Ektar 100, closest thing to Kodachrome you can get in a colour neg film.

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    • Long ago I switched to slide film because I was never happy with the results I was getting from color negative film. I no longer shoot slide film, because the ones I liked are no longer made. This exercise has shown me that I need to give color negative films another chance.


  2. Well done, I especially like the “dome” shots. I struggle with color also but have had a good experience with Ektar, colors are wonderful. FujiPro 400H has its place but I have struggled with its “magenta” cast, don’t know if it is something I am doing wrong in exposure.


    • I’ve seen a lot of great looking shots taken with Agfa Vista. Unfortunately it only comes in 35 mm size these days.


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