14/52 Steve R’s Shop

Stephen Rosasco is an old world artisan with a dust problem.  He has or had a Nikon D300 that was on the blink.  Being the obsessive sort like yours truly he spent hours poring over articles on the internet seeking the solution to fix the dreaded digital “err” message.  I trucked to his treasured shop to help.  One press of the shutter button told me it was curtains for his digital third eye.  The camera suffered from age and the intrusion of sawdust and other airbornes in his beautiful old world woodshop.  I took the camera to the best repair shop on the planet, Mid-State Camera in Warwick.  The shutter as suspected was kapoot.  So we’ll help Steve to source a new Nikon.  Steve uses the camera to document his beautiful work.  On the day of my visit he was restoring an 18th century chest, adding a new wooden club foot to replace the existing one in tatters and restoring some of the moulding using centuries old wood of the same type.  Much of Steve’s vintage wood was taken from discarded pieces from restoration of the Coronet, a beautiful old world vessel restored in Newport.  Steve loves to do inlay and is a craftsman.  His shop is replete with time worn but still effective chisels, glue pots and other great things.  While there I took the opportunity to take a few shots documenting his haven.  Stephen has been a treasured and loyal friend over many years.  In the worst moments has has offered his hand or ear.   I enjoyed spending time with him this night despite the demise of his camera.

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