Week 45: A day out in south Park

Back in august we took a drive to the South Park Colorado area. Our main goal was the town of Como which was having a historic building open house. This event oily happens once a year. The featured image is inside of the old railroad round house. A very dark building with lots of interesting things inside.



After the open house we drove back through Breckenridge Colorado and stopped along the way at an area known to have Bristle cone Pine trees. Bristle cone pines are some of the oldest things alive. They live at tree line where there is little to compete with them, and they grow very slowly.

Shot on Atomic X 4×5 film, my B&J press camera, 150 mm normal lens, and developed with Photographers Formulary FA 1027 developer. Scanned on an Epson V700 flat bed scanner.

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