Week 44:Back yard lurker

In this week I used two cameras that had been frustrating me. The first was the Rollei 35s. The first roll of color film I ran through it had a lot of issues so I decided to test it more scientifically with a fresh roll of Eastman XX. The second was a Polaroid 103 which I have not been able to get the hang of. I was able to get my hands on about a dozen packs of FP100C before the price went completely insane but I wasted an entire pack trying to figure out how to operate the darn thing, and realizing that most of the problems stemmed from my having loaded the film pack improperly. I had all but forgotten about the hidden stash of pack films, and ran into it while looking for something else, so I decided to give it another try.

I shot both sets of pictures on a Sunday morning in my back yard. I wasn’t feeling inspired so I decided to just peek into my neighbors’ back yards since no one seemed to be home. The way my yard is configured, I actually have four neighbors whose yards I can peek into over the fence. Here are the best of the Polaroid shots.

These actually make the yards some more alluring and mysterious than they are in reality.

Just because I had nothing better to do I kept lurking in the bushes, this time with the Rollei. Some of these are in my own yard.

The biggest challenge was the huge contrast between the dark, leafy shaded areas and the brightly lit parts.

I’m still working on mastering the zone focusing but I like the lens. I love how handy this little camera is, as it really does fit in your pocket. Im currently running a roll of Lomo Purple through it, so we’ll see how that goes.

As for the Polaroid, I’m happy to have somewhat figured out how to load and use it. But honestly I like the simplicity of my point and shoot Polaroid Impulse with Impossible film. I’m hoarding the rest of the Fuji for now.

One thought on “Week 44:Back yard lurker

  1. The Rollei looks like it has a really good lens on it. I tried a roll of Eastman XX in a Minolta Hi-Matic and somehow managed to put the film back into the developer instead of the fix :>( but realised after a minute. I really like XX but I found it not so good for high contrast lighting. :>)


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