Week 42: Southern Bar-B-Que

In our neighborhood there is a church that has been holding a yearly bar-b-que event for over fifty years.  The men of the church start smoking the hogs the evening before the event and continue their watch through the night.  It is a right of passage for members of the church to be involved in the process.

In the early afternoon the community comes to enjoy smoked pork, coleslaw and Brunswick stew.  While people enjoy their meals there is music, crafts and good old fashioned community.

We are members of this church and my wife looks forward to this event every year.  She and her family have been involved as long as they have lived in the neighborhood.

Armed with my trusty Nikon N90s and Ilford Delta 100 film, I was happy to enjoy the opportunity to take a few pictures and enjoy some tasty bar-b-que.

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