3 cameras and a burned motel

The ruins of a motel are north of Seattle, a hundred feet SE of this google maps pushpin. I had seen it while traveling southbound on I-5 for years, and always meant to go check it out.   The sign had said, “Back in 2000!” for a long time.

Here’s a screen grab from Bing maps (helpfully out of date) of the motel in better times:bingmapsThe only thing left standing is the upper left building.

On Saturday I headed out there with some friends, and 3 cameras:img_5220

A Konica autofocus point & shoot, a Canon G-III QL and a Yashica Electro 35.  It was a cloudy day, so I was shooting some fast film.  One roll was ISO 400, but the others were 1600 and 3200.   I knew it would be grainy.12-10-16-motel_001


Couch in front.


We wanted to check out that pill bottle, but the place was too unstable to enter.



The car was roped to the pole for some reason.



Trash out front.



Jana and her pinhole camera.

I can’t remember which camera shot which shots.

Usually I let my scanner automatically color correct, but this time I didn’t.  I like the results.

After this, we went to the abandoned dairy.


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