Week 49 continued – GoatBand

Week 49 was another during which I shot more than one roll of film. I posted about the first here – the second was a roll of Kodak TMax, shot through my Canon EOS5.

I’d been reading about ephem’s EOS3 and remembered that my friend Iain, who also uses an EOS3, used a multi-exposure mode that allowed you to select the number of exposures that a frame would see, and stop-down a suitable amount. On investigation, I was pleased to discoverer that my EOS5, a lower-spec. model shared the feature.week-49b

I had shot double-exposures with it previously, but only by reloading the film and hoping for decent frame alignment.  As feels the case for the whole year, I didn’t venture far from home for this roll and relied on my ever-willing model. The ground was frosty and so the shots of leaves that I used for the base patterns were nice and contrasty.

I also took a couple of snaps of the solargraphs that I have posted around the house. There are three in total – a beer can using 7″x5″ paper, and a couple of film canister cameras gaffer taped to guttering and a lamp. All three have been in place since October 1st and I plan to show you the results for my last update of the project…

Finally, one last snap taken in the city of our ‘wheel of light’.week-49b-8


Canon EOS5 (the ‘plastic fantastic’), Canon 40mm STM, Kodak TMax processed at home in Ilford Ilfotec HC.

6 thoughts on “Week 49 continued – GoatBand

  1. The last one is my favorite also. But I enjoy well done double exposures. You’ve hit another home run (or whatever you call it in Cricket) this week.

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  3. I love that last shot. Also nice double exposures. I’ve been experimenting with different approaches but only using color. I’m inspired to try some black and white now if I can find contrasty enough material.


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