52 Rolls Week 48:52


Today we start with a stroll just off the Mall and make our way back to Pearl Street.  Above, Lucille’s Restaurant, with a typical gathering of waiting customers.  Purports to be ‘authentic’, but having lived in New Orleans it would take a lot to impress me.  Besides, I’ve had the Beignets, and if you want real ones you’ll still have to go to Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans.


The Hotel Boulderado is Authentic turn of the 19th Century, with a modern addition hidden in the back.


Another Boulder classic is pursuit of Eastern Spiritualism……The Shambala Center Celebrating 40 years.


Further on our journey an Event Center/Gallery that has famous quotes adorning the exterior.

And Back to Pearl Street Mall where a street artist is painting a rock (that I assume was placed there for street artists to paint?)


Also, there is still room for the street vendors on the Mall:


We end at the Old Courthouse……it has been nicely lit for the Holidays.  We will end the year with some night time photography of the lights on the Mall.  Truly one of the most photogenic buildings on the Mall, and I am a fan of Art Deco!


Tech Info:  Holga 120N, T-MAX 400, scanned the processed by Old School Photo Labs.

3 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 48:52

  1. Thanks for all the likes and encouragement throughout the year…..This project has gotten me going again. So I’m in for 2017. Seems like I am about 3 weeks behind, so I’ll “Double Post” for the first couple of weeks in January. I had an interesting idea for 2017, which will be delayed (I’ll explain that in my first 2017 Post), so I’m developing a new approach for next year.


  2. Great Holga image. I don’t worry about “behind”, I shoot the rolls and scan them when I can and that is my “week”. If I shoot 52 rolls in 60 weeks, well it’s still 52 rolls! Your work is wonderful and inspiring. Thank you!

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