Week 43: Polaroid SX-70 B&W

The last store in my neighborhood that sold film cameras and processed film closed.  As I attended the retirement party of the stores owner, there was an auction for some of the vintage cameras in his collection.  After a few cocktails I purchased a Polaroid SX-70 with sonar auto-focus.  The day after I realized what I had done, I ordered two packs of film: one B&W and one color.  This week I took my “new” camera to a friends house and shot a pack of B&W.

I have two Polaroid 600’s.  There is no comparison with regard to the quality of the pictures between the 600’s and and the SX-70.  The 70’s pictures are so much clearer and process significantly faster then its counterpart.  Of course I am using Impossible film in both the 600 and the SX 70.  I can wait to put a few more packs through this camera.

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