15/52 Angry Ocean

I never tire of the furious ocean.  I knew that again the wind would be howling at 40 knots so I trucked to Newport.  These shots were taken from a single spot on Ocean Drive.  The storm hit at high tide so many of the rock formations that usually sizzle with wave action were submerged.  The sea was cascading over the sea wall and the roadway was souped with seaweed and debris from the ocean’s collection.  It was a very gray day with no clouds to speak of.  Thankfully there was no rain.  The gulls danced happily in the steady winds, but finding prey was hard from the turbulence.  The first roll I shot was Kodak TriX.  I like to shoot TriX pushed to 1600 then develop it in Diafine.  My Diafine seems to have met its end.  The roll turned out a terrible mess.  I posted one of the shots as a post-mortem.  It is discouraging to put in so much effort only to have it washed away in bad mix.

I still have 4 rolls of TMax to develop and will use HC 110 and also some fresh fix and stop bath.

These images were shot with a Hasselblad 503cx and a 150 mm lens.  They are from the same general spot, but the similarity of each image is cast off from the foam and spray and powerful rolling sea.  Newport’s southern shore is cut hard from the earth. It is muscular and bold.  Today, the ocean sucked the sand from the rocks.  The briny water polished the outcroppings to a wonderful sheen.  There is a greenish cast to the images, probably from the cool temperature of the light and the character of the film.  Blue plus warm equals green perhaps?  Perhaps a 52 Roller can suggest a means to “correct” for this with filters.  I don’t have a solution in my overpopulated mind.  It was an exhilarating morning, I fetched out earlier than normal, around 8 a.m.  I’ll develop the other rolls one or two at a time during the week.  Until the next roll.  Cheers.


2 thoughts on “15/52 Angry Ocean

    • Oh, I know all about that! Once holding my Canon 40D I was completely doused, I mean 100% by a huge wave. Not paying attention. The wind driven spray alone is a peril. I have to figure out a good means to cover the camera. With the Hasselblad it’s difficult because of the waist level finder. The other problem is salt accumulation on the front of the lens, keeping it clean. I ended up turning my knee moving into position for these shots, the rocks were very slippery. But bad weather is my thing…gotta be more careful of my gear and my body! I visited Monterey and there is some similarity but the cliffs at Monterey are rare here. There are some high cliffs in the Sakonnet River but they aren’t accessible for photography unless on a boat. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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