Abandoned Dairy

A few friends and I visited an abandoned dairy.  It was part of Northern State Hospital a long time ago, but now its just abandoned, in a publicly accessible park.   Some parts are very overgrown.

I was shooting with a Konica point & shoot, a Yashica Electro 35, and a QL G-III Canonette.  Some of the shots were quite un-sharp.   I don’t know if it was the Konica producing all the soft focus shots or just user error with the other cameras.   I thought I was doing well focusing, but I might have been venturing into slower shutter speeds.

Among us was Jana.  Here’s one of her pinhole shots.



Unconcerned by bloody handprints



Jana loading her pinhole camera.


This is a fun place to visit.  This time one of the buildings was more collapsed than before.

2 thoughts on “Abandoned Dairy

  1. I’m glad you are preserving this record. There was an abandoned Dairy near us that we kept meaning to stop at. Now it’s gone, replaced by a very unappealing housing development.


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