Week 44: Polaroid SX-70 Color

It’s holiday break and a chance to catch up on my posts.  I have been doing well taking photos and having them developed and scanned but I have done a poor job recently of posting.  I plan to spend a good amount of time today catching up and scheduling posts over the next week.

This week we go back to our “new” Polaroid SX-70 camera.  After my camera purchase I ordered a pack of black and white and color film from the Impossible project.  The B&W turned out well so I was excited about the color.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I had been shooting a couple of 600’s and was never overly impressed with the results.  The color always seemed a bit too blue and, for the life of me, I could never get things in focus.  Not so with the SX-70.  The colors are nice and the auto focus (I have the sonar AF model) is spot on.  The resulting pictures are on par with the Type 100 pack film.  I plan to run a good deal more film through this camera.  Until then take a look at some test shots with my kids; the real ones and the ones with coats.


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