Weeks 7,8,9

These three weeks have been a little difficult to shoot because, although I’ve been on Christmas vacation for almost ten days already (I’m a teacher), the stress of the holidays and having family and friends over got in the way. I wanted to write more notes down on how I was rating and metering but it was so difficult to do! Especially with the roll of expired Provia – I had asked for advice, wrote it all down, forgot I had loaded it and then sort of just winged it! The images came out a little funky but it was fun to try something different. Also, I think I’m in love with Portra 160 so far… Here goes:

Week 7 (12/04-12/11) – FP4 around the block– Pentax 67ii and Ilford FP4

(A few of my images were worthless as I tried to experiment with low light, ahutter speed, and my Christmas tree).


Week 8 (12/11-12/18) – Gingko leaves and Expired Provia – Pentax 67ii 


Week 9 (12/18-12/25) – Winter around the house – Pentax 67ii and Portra 160



5 thoughts on “Weeks 7,8,9

  1. These are all beautiful especially the close in shots of foliage. Also the guinea pigs, if that’s what they are. Once again I’m inspired to try to spend more time with my Pentax 67. I keep vowing to do it but always reach for something smaller on the way out the door. Happy New Year!


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