Week 45 – Posting out of sequence ….


I have realised that I am posting slightly out of sequence with my next 3 posts due to developing/scanning mishap.

I had 6 rolls of film to catch up with and having not marked very well I have managed to process them out order in which shot.

I want to get as much done this week so I am still posting as I process so please forgive this indiscretion 🙂timdobbsphotography

This roll was shot using my Nikon L35AF and a roll of expired Fuji Superia 400 … it had been in the camera for the last 3 weeks as I had been taking it out with me while shooting other camera/film combinations.

timdobbsphotography-008Normally when I shoot expired 35mm the grain and saturation is quite acceptable in nice bright conditions but usually muddy and dull when in poor light.

But I was quite pleased with how the roll came out especially the last 8 or so frames that I shot while out up the mountain during “Storm Barbara” last week.

The graininess seems to add to the gloom in my eye’s.timdobbsphotography-4

Anyway short and sweet again … off to process some more now 🙂

Thanks for looking…..

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5 thoughts on “Week 45 – Posting out of sequence ….

  1. Tim, these are very nice images – the mood of the wet days is perfect and the tree silhouette is excellent in the way it pulls the eye through.

    The L35AF is obviously a very competent camera – perhaps one day I will find one in a thrift store!

    I have found expired Fuji Superia to be much more stable and predictable than, for instance, expired Kodak colour print films of similar age. In my experience, the Kodak tends to have much greater colour shifting and is more grainy, even in good light. I don’t know enough about how any of the film involved was stored, but some was found in cameras, some in thrift stores and I assume all that film has been equally poorly stored. This is a non-scientific observation so other people may have different luck with a different sample of expired film.


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