Week 48: Tallahassee Cross Country

This year my youngest daughter has joined a cross country team.  I love running and ran cross country when I was in high school.  I was ecstatic when she took and interest.  It also turns out that she is pretty good.  She runs in the 8 and under group so she races primarily against girls who are a year older.  She did remarkably well this year, so much so that she qualified for the regional championship meet for the Junior Olympics.  For her meet, we drove the six hours of so from Atlanta to Tallahassee so she could compete.  The meet was held at the cross country venue for Florida State University.  The venue was amazing, the weather was perfect and Sarah ran a great race.  Unfortunately she did not qualify for the national Junior Olympics but it gives her a goal for next year.

Being the camera dad on the team, I usually take my digital rig, photograph the kids and put the resulting pictures on Flicker for families to download.  For this event, I brought along my trusty Nikon and fired away a few rolls at the meet.  I was just using Kodak Gold 200 speed film, but the results were pretty decent.

5 thoughts on “Week 48: Tallahassee Cross Country

  1. The first photo in the chair is one of those photos that could feature on special occasions in the distant future – grad, that kind of thing. A very nice shot indeed.


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