52 Rolls Week 50:52

I’ll Leave you with Week #50 to end the year.  Last time we had a Camera Test with the Canon QL.  This week we take a look at some familiar images (Mamiya 7 versions posted in week #39). These taken with the Canonet G-III QL:


Both as it turns out are labeled model Q-17, but you can see that the older model is obviously much larger:


See a Brief History of this Camera’s Evolution.

We return to one of m favorite spots, The Road to North Park:

And at the Summit: Cameron Pass and Nokhu Crags:


With Several Perspectives:

Do you Prefer Portrait or Landscape?

Featured Image:  Photomerge of 4-35mm images:


Tech Info: Canonet G-III QL; Ilford Delta 400 Film; Developed at home by KellyBlackDog in FA 1027; Scanned by me using the Epson v700.

3 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 50:52

  1. I prefer landscape for both of those pairs, though I often prefer portrait, so in this case it is just the subject that seems to lend itself better to the wider format.

    The more I see of these Canonets, the more I think I should try to get one of my two working.

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    • I am more of a landscape format person myself. Although the ‘new’ camera I am show casing this month has a 16-shot portrait format for 120. Gives me a new perspective to see things in portrait first and have to choose to make it a landscape shot.

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      • I know exactly what you mean, though on a much smaller scale. My Olympus Pen half-frame shoots “naturally” in portrait.
        I bet the Fuji is a really nice camera! I have a Fuji 6×9 that I really love, but its shutter needs work and I am still trying to find someone to do the it.

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