Week 46 – Tweaking my Olympus 35RC


I have had my Olympus 35RC for quite a while but have been struggling to nail any focus when shooting wide open probably due to the very dim viewfinder patch.

It was quite dim when I got the camera but my last couple of rolls have had a load of out of focus frames on images that do not have a lot of contrast or straight edges to line up in the viewfinder.

The joy of this little camera is its super sharp lens when its wide open but if you can’t guarantee focus then its  a pain.

img009-editI did some searching on the web about this problem and came across a post about sticking a little black patch in the centre of the viewfinder  where the focus point is to help with the contrast of the patch to assist in focussing.

dscf7037This is my very own modified RC

Here is a link that I found http://rick_oleson.tripod.com/index-165.html

Anyway …. It really works, I shot a load of random stuff with a roll of Vista 200 and didn’t miss focus once.

OK not everything was shot wide open but to get 24 frames in focus has never happened before … ha ha img014img015-editSo this is my last post for 2016 and hopefully over the weekend I will have fully caught up with my posts.img012 img007 img003img006 img004-edit

So Happy New Year to all …….

Thanks for looking…..

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6 thoughts on “Week 46 – Tweaking my Olympus 35RC

  1. Happy New Year Tim – I have enjoyed seeing Wales through your lens. These worked out very well! How strange to find a drum kit stool sitting out in a lane.

    You must be very happy to have this gem of a camera working reliably again. I had forgotten about that black dot trick. My 35RC has the same problem magnified by someone scrubbing the mirror into non-reflective oblivion. And somehow the lens has bee abraded too – it sits here as a parts camera, even though I don’t have another (yet). These photos renew my hope of finding a working copy.

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