Week 49: San Francisco

My day job is working at a software company here in Atlanta.  As part of that job I have to travel for either meetings, or in this case, training on a new tool we are using as part of our solution.  This time my travels brought me to San Francisco for a week.  I was in meetings most of the day so I would have to sneak out and take photos before the day started or as soon as we were done.  The challenge of waiting until after work was that I would lose light as the sun was going down.

The hotel that I stayed in was directly across the street from the ferry building at pier 5.  From my window I could see the bay bridge.  At night it was spectacular as the bridge is lit up.  This trip was my first experience in San Francisco.  I liked it and wouldn’t mind going back but it didn’t really live up to the hype my coworkers made it out to be.

This time around I used my Petri 7s.  I think I have mentioned before that this is my favorite camera in the collection and I was a little nervous traveling with it but everything turned out fine.  I also used Kodak Ektar 100 film for the first time.  I liked the results and will defiantly use it again.  This time around I also ordered the “enhanced” scans from the company I use to develop film.  They are worth the extra few bucks.


One thought on “Week 49: San Francisco

  1. These shots are really nice. I grew up in the East Bay and recognize all these scenes. San Francisco is sometimes a hard city to love, or at least you have to let it grow on you. I would absolutely positively never live there but it has many charms.


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