Week 42: Foggy

So for this update I was finally back out with the Holga.  I had been neglecting this camera for a while, partly because I needed a change and partly due to dull grey winter weather making it a little less suitable.

Anyway I had this camera with me as the day before was the work Christmas party and I didn’t want to be carrying around expensive or heavy gear that could get lost or stolen.

I was meeting my family the next morning in London for a walk along the river and a bit of lunch.  So had the Holga with me loaded with a roll of  Kodak Portra 800.  It was a very foggy day so I wasn’t sure what the results would be like, but see for yourself below


14 thoughts on “Week 42: Foggy

  1. Happy New Year!

    These came out very well. It is so foggy that it’s hard to tell whether some shots are double exposures – like the one of the bridge lurking behind a row of gable roofs.


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