Week 50: Company Holiday Party

One of the joys of being the “photography” guy is that there is an expectation that you will photograph every major company event for free.  This years “ugly sweater” themed holiday party was no exception.  Since there was an expectation that I was going to shoot the event I used it as an excuse to fulfill this weeks roll duties.

I brought by digital and my Nikon N90s to the event.  I had a Nikon 85mm 1.8D lens on the camera with Kodak Gold 200 speed film.  On my digital I decided to use the flash and decided to go existing light with the N90s.  The pictures turned out OK but the ISO combined with the available light meant some slow shutter speeds and a number of the pictures came out of focus.  Our companies primary color is green so our office has a lot of green surface areas and that came out in the pictures.  If I do this again, I’ll use a 400 or 800 ISO film instead of the 200.


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