New Year’s Day Pinhole Meetup


Film Wasters

Happy New Year!   May your year be filled with endless film and cameras.

Yesterday I met up with a bunch of pinhole hooligans for dim sum and a walk through the chilly streets of Seattle’s International District.

I brought along Todd’s 3D-printed “terraPin” camera, his CoffeeCam, and a Vermeer anamorphic.  I lent the terraPin to one of our meetup members who didn’t have a pinhole camera.

While waiting for dim sum, I shot the CoffeeCam.   It only holds one piece of film, so I only shot one picture with it.


After dim sum, I shot these with the Vermeer:




The big Chinese gate


The security guard tried to stop us from taking pictures of the building on the right.


King Street train station


These were shot on some 1987 Tmax.   I shot at ISO 50.   Developed in Diafine.

I hope you all have a great 2017, and shoot as much as possible.


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