Weeks 50 and 51 Year End Squish

Somehow I got off course and now have an “extra” week so I’m squishing two together here. I think because the first “week” of 2016 was only 3 days I skipped over it. Anyway, images for this post include the rest of the film shot during the photo walk, including a roll that illustrates the interesting outcome of “ooops”.

The first is a roll of Lomography 200 shot on my Nikon N65. I sometimes like this film but its kind of green palette combined with the subdued semi-interior space where I was shooting and the gray skies ended up not giving me many shots I liked. I do like this one – there was something about the way this girl casually dragged her doll that was very eye catching.


This roll was pretty much all shot within a sort of interior/exterior “mall” which included a participatory art space, several large sculptures, and a public garden.

And these were shot inside the little place where we ate lunch

The other roll I shot on the N65 was Bergger black and white 400. I like this film a lot as it has very little grain for such a fast film. However, I accidentally shot the entire roll underexposed by one stop (automatic setting) AND I thought for some reason while I was shooting that I had color film in the camera. That’s what happens when you’re wandering around with a bunch of people and getting involved in interesting conversations and trying to take pictures all at the same time. Therefore I shot some very colorful things which didn’t come out the way I planned – although some are interesting anyway.

In the Arts District we passed a studio where they make neon stuff (and teach classes….would I LOVE to do that!). Of course they were colorful and I thought I’d get some great shots but….they actually look really interesting in black and white.

We also encountered a mural artist who had been hired to repair damage graffiti writers had done to his mural (ironic, no?). Again, I thought the walls, the colorful tiled stairs of the building and the spray paint cans would look cool in color, but….

On the way back to the parking structure where I’d left my car I captured this. It looks much more ominous and “Ghostbusters” than I pictured it in color.


Finally, this was, for better or worse, the most quintessentially #DTLA shot I captured all day.


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