Week 49 — Pushing HP5 in the Fog ….

hp5014-editWe have had quite a few foggy days here in Wales so I decided to shoot a roll of HP5 at 1600 with the hope of accentuating the fog with the extra grain and contrast of pushing the film.


hp5005I was quite pleased with the results, I really do like the look of HP5 when pushed.

I processed the roll in ilfotec HC 1+15 for 7.30 as per Massive Dev app and as usual it didn’t let me down, the sharpness and contrast were great and still pretty sharp.hp5024-edit hp5013

Anyway … short and sweet again as I still have 2 more rolls to sort out and then I have caught up.

Thanks for looking…..

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3 thoughts on “Week 49 — Pushing HP5 in the Fog ….

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  2. I like all of these. I’ve used this film for pushing and it’s great with the right subject matter – like this, where the added graininess contributes to the effect. I really like the spider web!

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