Week 52 Farewell to 2016

I started the film year 2016 with high hopes that this project would inspire me to shoot more film (which I think I’ve done), use some of the cameras I’d acquired but not yet used (partially accomplished, but I continued to acquire during the year so I think I’m net negative here) and improve my skills (some weeks yes, some weeks no). I’ve done absolutely nothing about the goal of developing my work into at least a small part time paid endeavor – but that’s my own fault. I lost two dear camera friends (the Nikon FE which was replaced but will always be my first love – and the Voigtlander tragically abandoned in Iceland) but gained numerous new ones including this lovely Rollei. I am not certain yet if I will continue with this site in 2017, but in all likelihood I will. I definitely shot more than 52 rolls of film (80 rolls plus 20ish assorted packs of instant) although there wasn’t one in every single week -and I know that helped me improve. The last roll of the year is one that sums up a lot of things for me. First, it’s Lomochrome purple, which illustrates my predilection for experimentation with weird film, souping, cross processing, expired film, etc. Second, it contains shots from a variety of locales that i often visit. Third it was shot on one of my new cameras, the Rollei 35s, which I am learning to love because you really can put it in your pocket.

The first shots are of the oft photographed Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA. I visit there four to six times a year to attend the symphony and it’s always interesting. At least on this building, Frank Gehry was a genius.

The next set were taken during the photo walk that I reported in my last several posts. The lomo purple gives everything an alien kind of look that I find fascinating.

The final set were taken at Swamis beach near my home, a site that’s figured in numerous posts. The day I was there it was a very low minus tide so the beach was very wide and the tide pools were exposed. I’ve visited during this type of tide event often over the years, but these photographs make it seem like a scene from an alien planet. I love it.

These last two images are among my favorites of the year, for their weird distortion of something that’s familiar to me. Going into the uncertainty of 2017 I feel this is an eminently appropriate feeling. Thanks to everyone who’s looked at and commented on my posts this year. I’ve learned a lot from all of you and even if I decide not to continue on this project I’ll be following all of you. Best to all in this New Year of things unknown.


6 thoughts on “Week 52 Farewell to 2016

  1. Some great images in here, the purple really does give a unique look. Let us know if you continue to post/blog elsewhere as enjoy your work


  2. Great photos Barbara, I have enjoyed your posts this year.

    I will be spending a few days at a workshop in LA (my first visit to LA) in a month and am hoping for some time to photograph a few of the great buildings there. The concert hall is definitely a place I would like to see, and photograph. I agree that the Lomo purple really suits the concert hall.


  3. Hope you can continue this years. But in any case, best wishes for your photographic year and please leave comments when you can.


  4. I’m very impressed that you managed to pull this off! I only posted about 20 weeks and stopped shooting after maybe 35. Oh well, maybe I will manage to shoot a full year at some point. đŸ™‚


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